Gardening & litter picking Thursday 3rd August

Please come along to our next weeding and litter-picking session on Thursday 3rd August – our last big push before judging for the ‘North West In Bloom – It’s Your Neighbourhood’ competition on Friday 4th August.

We’re very pleased that a team from Auto Trader have volunteered their services to help with this session. We’re meeting them 10am outside Barca before making our way to the tool shed and then dispersing around the area. The aim is to split into groups and target areas that need some TLC – like the Roman Gardens, The Granary and the garden between Castlefield Hotel and the old Visitors Centre.

We will break for lunch –  bring your sandwiches and join us for a picnic in the Roman Gardens.  Fingers crossed for good weather or we will be sheltering in the tool shed!

The aim is to finish at 4pm and then… have our usual complimentary drink in one of our lovely local pubs.

Even if you can only spare a short time it would help the cause and you’d be very welcome.

Thank you and look forward to seeing everyone soon.

(We have gardening tools and gloves, but if you have your own gloves it would help if you please brought them along as there may not be enough for everyone).


All the best

Ann Webb
Tina Mullen
Carol Middleton

From Friends of the Roman Gardens

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